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Blog - update coming soon

update coming soon

by King Radical II

hello? ... h... hello? Is this thing on? Check.... check *FEEDBACK* Whoah....


Hey, I am Ray, also known as King Radical II on deviantart youtube tumblr and twitter.

I am in the progress of making this webcomic, it is kind of a do-over from my failed attempt to solo the comic long ago, BUT this reboot I have the assistance of my lovely associate and lifemate Sarifi.   We have started the work some time ago and plan a large comic for all to enjoy, for now we are posting our sketches on tumblr as time go by (100+ pages) to fill in time and gain followers.

I have high hopes for this, and as an artist, writer and dungeon-master it will forever be my highest honor if I can inspire or entertain any reader/watcher/follower who comes along, the fans make it worth it.


Will check back with updates every so often, see you arounds!

- Ray