Welcome to the World of Darkness.


by King Radical II

Short Hiatus

Heya! King Radical II here, but henceforth just Ray.


Over the last few weeks I've cemented my position in my daytime job, that's taken a lot of my attention and dedication because frankly; I need to get paid to live.

Now as things are stabilizing and more and more people are returning from their summer vacations, I'll have more spare time and can start updating the comic again, I kinda fell off the wagon here for a while and for that I apologize, or at least taking my short hiatus without warning.

Things have gotten a bit cold/dramaqueeny when it comes to my helpers, I don't always do them honor enough nor show how I appreciate their help, but if I get the chance that'll change.   For now I am to finish my work week without many more breakdowns and then I can get back to the comic.

I don't feel like a lot of people will take time to read this, but if you do I'm grateful, I work with some great people and we have our ups and downs - we'll return to Kindred next week, maybe with some bonus pages to make up for lost upload times.

Later ~ Ray

by King Radical II


Hello dear readers, it is I Sarifi. I'm in charge of PR and motivating the artists as well as some story input. It will mostly be me making the blog entries. 

Today I am writing here to give some information. We are indeed making the comic still, as you might have noticed with our now weekly posting of pages. I set the pages up for posting automatically when I have them, so you can always expect to see a page at Thursday 3pm CEST (UTC+2h). If you have any inquiries you can contact us on mail at . We should get a contact-us-button.. Anyway! I also have some information regarding the artists. Originally it was King Radical II that did everything alone, he quit that pretty fast. Later I joined in, and that is when everything started rolling like it is now. To begin with King Radical II and I worked together on the art, however as I was making new friends we got ourselves a new artist that joined us. This would be Zevi. So King Radical II and I make the story together as well as the page setup, King Radical II also does the line art and Zevi does the colouring. 

Other than that I don't think there is anything else I need to inform you all about, but if you do find this lacking, don't hesitate to send us an email at previously mentioned Gmail address. It will be me reading and replying to the email, but if you want me to rely a message to one of the other two artists then of course I will. And who knows maybe they'll reply. Other than that we read comments on our pages even if we don't always reply, but please understand we can't reply to everything, even if this page doesn't seem busy, we're all artists that do our own things other than this comic, and we have work and school as well. 

But with that this blog entry is brought to an end, happy reading and have a great day/night OwO

by King Radical II

update coming soon

hello? ... h... hello? Is this thing on? Check.... check *FEEDBACK* Whoah....


Hey, I am Ray, also known as King Radical II on deviantart youtube tumblr and twitter.

I am in the progress of making this webcomic, it is kind of a do-over from my failed attempt to solo the comic long ago, BUT this reboot I have the assistance of my lovely associate and lifemate Sarifi.   We have started the work some time ago and plan a large comic for all to enjoy, for now we are posting our sketches on tumblr as time go by (100+ pages) to fill in time and gain followers.

I have high hopes for this, and as an artist, writer and dungeon-master it will forever be my highest honor if I can inspire or entertain any reader/watcher/follower who comes along, the fans make it worth it.


Will check back with updates every so often, see you arounds!

- Ray