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Blog - Short Hiatus

Short Hiatus

by King Radical II

Heya! King Radical II here, but henceforth just Ray.


Over the last few weeks I've cemented my position in my daytime job, that's taken a lot of my attention and dedication because frankly; I need to get paid to live.

Now as things are stabilizing and more and more people are returning from their summer vacations, I'll have more spare time and can start updating the comic again, I kinda fell off the wagon here for a while and for that I apologize, or at least taking my short hiatus without warning.

Things have gotten a bit cold/dramaqueeny when it comes to my helpers, I don't always do them honor enough nor show how I appreciate their help, but if I get the chance that'll change.   For now I am to finish my work week without many more breakdowns and then I can get back to the comic.

I don't feel like a lot of people will take time to read this, but if you do I'm grateful, I work with some great people and we have our ups and downs - we'll return to Kindred next week, maybe with some bonus pages to make up for lost upload times.

Later ~ Ray